Silverado Seniors Residence

Design was provided for this project in Calgary, starting from Conceptual Design through to  Construction Drawings for permit approvals. This development is phased with the first building constructed for use for residents in need of various levels of assisted-living care. The second building will be geared towards more independent residents.

The landscape design for the amenity area for the first building was created to meet the needs of users for; security, interest, mobility, privacy, views from windows, and safety while navigating the courtyard. The climate and the presence of an underground parkade below the landscape were also big considerations. Overhead pergolas were designed to create break-up the strong vertical building lines surrounding the amenity area and to reduce the vertical scale. Additional seating was provided for care-givers and visitors using planter walls that doubled as seat walls. Design elements included plants, walls, fences, pergolas, surfacing and site furnishing.