Concerns for the environment have always been in the back of a Landscape Architect’s mind. Recently they have been forced to the front of everyone’s mind by all of the media attention, political attention, and protests held around the world. So how does this relate to our open spaces? And how can a Landscape Architect help?

Trees, shrubs and open green space contribute greatly to reducing the earth warming effect of pollution. Plants absorb CO2 keeping it out of the air we breath. As Landscape Architects and Arborists, we work to help a development keep as many of the existing trees and plant as many new ones as possible. It is a constant balancing act between environmental protection and project feasibility, but we find more and more clients understanding the importance of tree planting and retention.

What can you do to stop climate change? Reduce, reuse, recycle! Go for a walk, hike or bike ride instead of a drive. Or, our favorite answer, plant a tree!

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