Happy New Year!

Happy 2019 !
Welcome to our first blog post. We plan to have a variety of contributing writers for our monthly blogs, including our team members at KD Planning as well as guests.
Depending on where you live, your landscape to do list will change for January. Here in B.C., we are experiencing a winter which is milder and sunnier than the past few years – no complaints! My lawn appears to need mowing again, so the turf grass has not quite entered dormancy, but I cannot bring myself to get out the lawn mower yet. Doesn’t seem right. In this milder climate, I might be looking at doing some outdoor work still, such as some pruning while the shrubs and deciduous trees are in dormancy, left-over leaf raking, and occasional lawn mowing. Bare garden beds could always use some cleaning up (weeding) and mulching (put your raked leaves on it) to protect the roots of your tender perennials and even some annual re-seeders from freeze-thaw temperature shifts.
Of course, there is always the more fun part of the landscape business – creating designs and planning. That might be more typical at this time of the year for the eastern provinces and our western neighbours over the mountains, who had their first snowfall a few months ago. Here at KD Planning, we are knee deep (maybe waist deep) in design work, and have been updating our product lists, resources and templates over the holiday season to help us be more productive. We have exciting new projects including a senior’s development (which could be a holiday destination with all the amenities and adult playground), a destination hotel in the mountains, and some master planning to do for business and community developments, where we will incorporate green strategies.
As always, if you have landscape or tree questions, give us a call or send an email, we are happy to help out.
We wish you a healthy and successful new year !

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